Basket of pappadoms
with pickle & chutney.

Veg Starters

Onion Palak Bhaji
Fritters onion, fresh spinach and water chestnuts
Bombay Chaat - ( NOT FOR TAKEAWAY )
Crispy pastry cases filled with sweet yoghurt, tamarint chutney and green mint chutney. A famous street food in Mumbai.
Cheese Corn Samosa
Cheese is stuffed in pastry sheet with corn and cooked in oil. A traditional Indian favourite.

Non-Veg Starters

Chicken Tikka Trio
Comprising of kashmiri chilli, flavoured marinated chicken breast and a boneless thick marinated with star anise and basil flavoured tikka.
Chicken Lollipop
Chicken wings tossed in an Indo-Chinese chilli sauce, coriander, ginger and chilli. A famous snack in toddy shop.
Kid Goat Shami Kebab
Kid goat mince meat with cardamom, fruend onion and mint sauce. Finally grilled in a tandoor.
Country Style Calamari - ( NOT FOR TAKEAWAY )
Fresh squid roasted in ginger, onion, black pepper and coriander.
Spice Custart Lamb Tikka
Lamb cube marinated with custart, bell peppers and aromatic spices. Grilled in a tandoor.
Erachi Cutlet
Minced beef and potato filled with bread crumbs.
Chemeen Porichathu
Tiger prawn marinated in red kashmiri chilli flavour. A famous appetiser from Calicut.
Soft Shell Crab - ( NOT FOR TAKEAWAY )
Crispy soft shell crab dusted with curry leaves and garlic. Accompanied with avocado salad.
Scallops Thengapal - ( NOT FOR TAKEAWAY )
Hand divided scottish scallops simmered in lemon zest and flavoured with coconut milk. Scallops friend in Kerala style.
Seafood Platter - ( NOT FOR TAKEAWAY )
A selection of starters consiting of scallops thengapal, soft shell crab, chemeen(prawn) porichathu and tandoori dill salmon



Tandoori mix grill
A combination of salmon, kid goat Sheekh kebak, king prawn and two different flavours of chicken tikka served with chutney and salad
Dill Salmon
Salmon marinated in drill, honey, Kashmiri chilly and grilled on charcoal. Served with chutney and salad
Murg Awadh - ( NOT FOR TAKEAWAY )
Chicken breast dipped in yougurt and spices. Served with sweet potato and beetroot mash.
Chukandar Duck - ( NOT FOR TAKEAWAY )
Clay oven grilled duck breast flavoured with honey, chilli and aromatic spices. Finally served with butternut mash.
Tandoori King prawn
Turmeric flavoured king prawn finished with lemon skin and herbs


Pondicherry Lamb
A Favourite Lamb curry dish in Pondicherry prepared tomato, garlic, red chilli and pondicherry special masala.
Saag Gosht
Slow cooked lamb, finished with spinach leaves and home ground spices. It is a good combination with lemon rice.
Lamb Shank Nalli Korma
Korma is a all time favourite dish. This a very tender slow cooked shank of lamb in Andra style. Also coconut milk tipped with coriander leaves and chefs special spices
Railway Lamb Curry
A famous lamb curry served in Indian railways. This Onion roasted curry is best with pulavu rice.


Five Spices Paneer
Our chef Mathew's special five spices marinated with cottage cheese.
Cheera Parippu Curry
Fresh spinach and toor dal cooked in a thick sauce of garlic, tomatoes and flavoured with curry leaves.
Vegetable Mango Curry
Vegetables like baby corn, cauliflower, carrot, broccoli and fresh raw mango with coriander sauce. A good vegan dish.
Pachakari Bhindi Dopiaza
Okra cooked with diced red onion and spices.
Subz Kadai
A famous mix vegetable curry in north india. This is a tomato, onion and capsicum flavour.
Mushroom Thoran
Traditional dry keralan dish made from mushrooms, mustard, turmeric powder and coconut.




Boiled Rice
Plain white basmati rice
Saffroni Pulavu Rice
Basmati rice cooked in saffron, onion, ginger and curry leaves.
Mushroom Rice
Basmati rice cooked in Mushroom. A goan special flavoured rice.
Lemon rice
A tangy, fresh tasting rice tossed with lemon juice, fresh curry leaves, mustard seeds and dried red chillies.
Coconut Rice
Plain rice mixed with fresh coconut, urad dal (white lentil) and curry leaves


Plain Naan
A flat, leavened bread of the India, made of wheat flour and baked in Tandoor
Chilli Coriander Naan
Mango Coconut Naan
Sweet (contains nuts)
Garlic Naan
Cheese Naan
Lamb Naan
Fig Coriander Naan
Tandoor Roti


Karivepila Kozhy Curry
Keralas favourite chicken curry cooked in fresh curry leaves and coconut milk.
Chicken Tikka Masala
Our own exclusive recipe of chicken tikka in turmeric, yogurt and spices.
Hyderabad Chicken Korma
Chicken simmered in a creamy sauce of cashew nuts, onion and flavoured with saffron and cardamom.
Punjabi Butter Chicken
It is a full flavoured dish that complements the chicken well with butter, honey and spices.
Dum Ka Murgh
Tender Chicken cooked in tomato, onion and garlic gravy with bell peppers.
Goan Malvani
A famous dish from Goa and Maharashtra. Boneless chicken with malvani spices such as sand ginger and mace.


Quilon Sea-bass Curry
Sea-bass fillet cooked with clever blend of raw mango sauce and curry leaves. A famous and traditional recipe of chef Mathew.
Goan Fish Curry
A most popular dish in Goan Christian populated hilly areas. King fish slices prepared with tamarind and fresh spices in a Medium spicy sauce, seasoned with mustard seeds and grated coconut.
Konju Mango Curry
Tiger prawn cooked with green mango, turmeric, green chilli, coconut and it surely will delight you with its tangy and spice flavour.
Prawn and Squid Ulathu - ( NOT FOR TAKEAWAY )
Prawn and squid cooked in turmeric water, stir fried in an open kadai with black peppers and curry leaves. Served with seafood rice.
King Prawn Peera - ( NOT FOR TAKEAWAY )
Peera is a kerala style prawn recipe with shredded coconut and shallots. Served with seafood rice. A whole wonderful meal.


Travancore Beef Curry
Kerala special beef curry is fried in shredded coconut oil and South Indian spices.


Saag Aloo
Leaf spinach and potato with cumin seeds and garlic.
Bhindi Dopiaza
Okra cooked with diced red onion and spices.
Mushroom Thoran
Traditional dry keralan dish made from mushrooms, mustard, turmeric powder and coconut.
Cheera Parippu Curry
Fresh spinach and toor dal cooked in a thick sauce of garlic, tomatoes and flavoured with curry leaves.
Baby Potato Snow Peas
Potato stir fried in chilli, spices and snow peas. A must try side dish.
Onion And Cucumber Raita


Kuttanadan Turkey
A famous curry from kuttanadan village . A special place in Kerala, this curry is made from Tomato, Onion, Black pepper and curry leaves.


Dessert Platter
Tandoori pineapple, Rose Brulee, Chocosamosa.
Rose Brulee
Chef’s special presentation of garam masala and rose petal
Tandoori Pineapple
Refreshing pineapple quickly seared for an intensified flavour served with pistachio ice cream
Chef’s signature dessert a light crispy pastry parcel filled with a melted Belgium chocolate ganache served with vanilla ice creme
Vanilla, Pistatio, strawberry, chocolate.
Mango Sorbet